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Healing Touch II

Healing Touch II


This recording is features piano and flute, layered with strings, harp and earthy woodwinds. The effect is calming and nurturing on all levels enveloping you like a warm blanket. Each track is sequenced to create a deepening relaxation experience.


"For those who work in the Healing Arts, this recording is a perfect accompaniment and a valuable aid. For everyday listening, it can open the heart and calm the spirit."

                       Yoga Journal


Healing Touch II

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  • 1.  Ocean of Life                                            

    2.  Touch of Love

    3.  Letting love In

    4.  Flower Unfolding                                     

    5.  Bathing in the Light                 

    6.  Tenderness

    7.  Radiant Being

    8.  Timeless Rest


    Total time:  62:24

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