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Waves of Love is a stunningly serene and lovely album from pianist/keyboard artist, Nadama, even by the high standards of the Malimba Records label. While the ten tracks are rooted in sublime piano melodies, Nadama's use of an assortment of digital and sampled instruments is absolutely textbook in execution and they help fashion these songs into relaxation masterpieces. There are some moments of gentle playfulness, but even then the overall mood is blissfully mellow. Worthy of mention are the high quality of his sampled instruments, e.g. harp, flute, oboe, as well as the way these are mixed in the end product. Attention to detail is readily apparent in every note. - Bill Binkelman - Retailing Insight


Delicate and soulful, the melodies on Healing Touch reflect the sensitivity of their creator. Known for the elegant beauty of his compositions and performances, Nadama skillfully blends ethereal piano melodies with the gentle music of harp, strings, flute, woodwinds and ambient atmospheres to create an album replete with healing energy. Combining his extraordinary musical talent with his experiences in massage, yoga and mediation, Nadama has produced ten sparkling and serene tracks perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. - Music Design In Review


Waves of Love - On this lovely new recording by Nadama, acoustic piano melodies wash over you like warm ocean waves. Nadama's fingers seen to dance over the keyboard in an expression of pure delight, while lush symphonic sounds round out the compositions. The result is a recording that is profoundly peaceful in both heart and mind. - Bette Timm - Music Reviewer


Simply Beautiful - Nadama drew inspiration from Hawaii, where he resides, for this lovely collection of eight lush, calming soundscapes. With the main melody played on piano and featuring high quality sampled instruments (string orchestrations, flute, oboe, and harp), Nadama’s compositions gently wash over the listener, carrying a hint of a tropical breeze, enticing one to relax, slow down, and enjoy the here-and-now beauty that surrounds us in the world. Some tracks introduce slow tempo rhythms (“Fly High” and “Whale Song”) while others flow with a romantic, neoclassical influence. The CD’s title is a most apt description, as the disc is “simply beautiful,” indeed. - Retailing Insight Magazine


For those who work in the healing arts, Healing Touch II is a perfect accompaniment and a valuable aid. For gentle yoga, it can leave the yogi in a state of euphoria and deep relaxation. For everyday listening, it can open the heart and calm the spirit. - Yoga Journal

Healing Touch is the perfect musical suite for massage, reiki. or other therapeutic practices.The spacious calm within this gorgeous recording stands as a serene testimony to the connection between healing practices (like yoga) and healing music. It's not something that can be artificially engineered --- it either comes from the heart or it's not there at all. Nadama delivers the goods! - New Age Voice Magazine


Is there a more archetypal version of New Age music than piano with orchestral keyboard accompaniment? Nadama’s Touch of Spirit proves there is a lot of life left in this particular subgenre as he weaves a warm, soothing tapestry of instrumentals (piano, orchestral accompaniment, chorals, and shimmering bell tones) that will cushion the vagaries of everyday life, restoring balance to the battered soul. By the way, the keyboard embellishments are among the best I’ve heard.   Bill Binkelman - New Age Retailer


Piano-centered music needs a certain special something to stand from the crowd.

Healing Touch by Nadama has that unique feeling, with the heartfelt and deeply personal expression of poignant emotions. Remember the quieter, sacred sound of "Music to Disappear In" ? That is what this is reminiscent of, with its romantic elegance. - Heartbeats Catalog


Reiki Offering provides the listener with 60 minutes of pure serenity for the heart, body and mind. - Music Design In Review

Reiki Offering presents perfect aural atmospheres for enveloping mind, body and soul in musical peace and tranquility. - New Age Retailer


Zen Notes instantly brings one to a place of deep peace and centered relaxation. Shastro's lush clarinet melodies meld with Nadama's brilliant piano strokes to form an exquisite alchemy. Indeed, the two instrumentalists seem to be in perfect synchronicity with each other, with mother nature and with the profound spiritual force that inspired this music. - Napra Review


The calming effect of Zen Notes is like a blanket that comforts and quiets the mind, making this a fine tool to use for meditation, massage, healing work and sleep. So if you need to enhance your spiritual focus or simply de-stress your mind and body, I highly recommend Zen Notes. - Omega Directory

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